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Environmental Initiatives

  • Air pollution control
  • Marine pollution control
  • Harmony with the local environment
  • Effective use of coal ash

To minimize impacts on the soil surface by controlling emissions of air pollutants resulting from fuel combustion, our thermal power stations are fitted with air pollution control devices.

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(1)Exhaust gas denitrizer
(2)Electric bag filter
(3)Exhaust gas desulfurizer
Air pollutantCountermeasure
Nitrogen oxides
KEPCO has improved its combustion method (reducing the combustion temperature to decrease the generation of NOx), adopted low nitrogen fuel, and installed exhaust gas denitrizers to remove NOx. The company continues to work to reduce NOx emissions.
Sulfur oxides
KEPCO encourages the use of low sulfur fuel by using sulfur-free LNG and low-sulfur heavy oil and crude oil. We also installed an exhaust gas desulfurizer to remove SOx from exhaust gas. In short, we are controlling SOx emissions through both input and output measures.
Soot particlesAll boilers burning heavy oil, crude oil, and coal as fuel are fitted with electric bag filters to eliminate soot particles from exhaust gas.

Our emissions of sulfur oxides (SOx) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) per unit of electricity generated are among the lowest in the world.

SOx and NOx emissions from thermal power production at Kansai Electric Power

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