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Efforts Based on Our CSR Action Principal

Enhancing communication with stakeholderss
Reflecting community opinions in our business activities

Through public relations and public consultation efforts, we are providing timely and appropriate information to our stakeholders, including our customers and members of society. In addition, we are endeavoring to have people understand the businesses of our company by conducting face-to-face communication using various opportunities.
   Moreover, we are adding the opinions and requests that we receive from our stakeholders to our Danbo-no-Koe database. We strive to earn trust from our stakeholders by sharing these data among our management and other employees to improve our business activities.

Information for shareholders and investors

We strive to provide information to investors and shareholders in a prompt, impartial manner. We provide data through a variety of means to domestic and international institutional investors, individual investors, public organizations, and a wide range of other interested parties. Our efforts to promote interactive communication include regular company briefings presented by the president, as well as regular meetings between executive officers, including the president, and domestic and overseas investors. Our management thus makes an active effort to engage in discussion with the investment community and incorporate feedback from the capital markets into our business operations.
   Furthermore, we provide an overview of our businesses, management objectives, financial data and other information in a timely and appropriate manner using our corporate website and other means.

In addition, details are posted in PDF, so please have a look.

5.Highly Transparent and Open Business Activities