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Efforts Based on Our CSR Action Principal

Maintaining power supplies with the invariable safety and stability after the complete liberalization of the retail electricity sales
Preserving the quality of electricity in the new energy era

Every customer has been able to choose among power companies freely since April 2016. Along with the full liberalization of the retail electricity sales, we have positioned our corporate businesses into three categories—generation, transmission and distribution, and retail—that will continue to fulfill individual roles.
   In order to assure stable supply from a neutral and fair stance, our transmission and distribution business will maintain the supply and demand balance for entire areas, construct and maintain transmission and distribution equipment and provide guaranteed* service.

*This service offered by ordinary transmission and distribution businesses is always provided for users who are unable to establish a supply contract with any retailer due to, for example, their withdrawal from the market.

To provide high-quality electric power

Kansai Electric Power works to operate power grids that provide a reliable link between power plants and consumers and optimize the configuration of facilities. We are also making thorough efforts to prevent failure recurrence. As a result of our efforts, we are maintaining one of the world’s highest power quality levels in the transmission and distribution business.
   We continue to develop new technologies and introduce new construction methods for the purpose of preventing failures and for swift recovery in the event an accident does occur. Equally important, systematic renovation is in progress for aging facilities.

Preventing electrical accidents

If something approaches, touches or damages one of our electrical facilities, including transmission and distribution equipment, injury due to electric shock, wide-area power outages and other serious impacts on society could occur.
   In order to prevent such electrical accidents, we provide information about things that construction companies should be aware of during construction and that customers should keep in mind during daily life, for example, on our website and through various public relations activities.

Preparing for a natural disaster
Preparing for a major disaster

Based on our mission of providing stable electric power, Kansai Electric Power promotes disaster mitigation initiatives that will strengthen facilities to withstand disaster. We have also put in place a disaster control system to enable rapid recovery from various kinds of natural disasters. In the event of Nankai Trough Earthquake, we will follow the basic plan for mitigating disaster announced by the Japanese government and take disaster response and recovery measures.

Strengthening the disaster response system

We are enhancing our response systems to prepare for rapid initial response to the occurrence of disasters. This includes the designation of individuals who would arrive at the workplace early and night watches by supervisors, along with the implementation of trainings focused on initial response several times a year. We are also seeking to improve employee skills in responding to disasters and increasing their awareness about disaster preparation. We implement annual companywide comprehensive disaster response trainings with a structure that incorporates the entire company and has the president as its chief. We do these things not only to prepare for the occurrence of earthquakes but also considering cases with severe conditions such as the occurrence of a nuclear power disaster at the same time or occasions when the balance of power supply and demand is tight.

In addition, the following contents are posted on PDF so please have a look.

  • Ensuring diverse power sources for stable supply
  • Flexible and stable fuel procurement
  • Securing stable energy through the nuclear fuel cycle
  • Initiatives prioritizing safety at nuclear power plants
  • Striving for business operations that further prioritize safety
  • Providing services as a consolidated group

1.Safe and Stable Delivery of Products and Services As Chosen by Customers