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Efforts Based on Our CSR Action Principal

Safety and health efforts

To create workplace environments where employees can remain safe and healthy, Kansai Electric Power promotes efforts to create stimulating and lively workplace environments.
   The Safety and Health Activity Guidelines establish priority measures for the entire company, and each workplace creates an annual Safety and Health Activity Plan comprised of efforts to be taken based on those guidelines, and develops its own independent Safety and Health activities.

Formulating accident recurrence prevention policies

On the rare occasions when accidents occur, we formulate recurrence prevention policies based on the results of investigations and analyses in order to utilize them as “lessons.” By rolling these out consistently throughout the company, we are striving to achieve “zero accidents.”
   As a result of these efforts, our accident frequency rate* is lower than the national average.

*This accident frequency rate represents the number of casualties from work accidents resulting in at least one day of absence from work per million hours of work.

Cultivation measures for “human capital” innovation
The “human capital” that we seek

Considering ideals such as our Guidelines for Action for the realization of our Management Philosophy, which is the unshakable sense of values held by the Kansai Electric Power Group, we have established characteristics that group employees should possess as “human capital.” These characteristics that are necessary for our corporate group to achieve sustainable growth in the midst of an era of intense competition, include “For Customer,” “Morality and Mission,” “Challenge,” ”Self-Reliance” and “Execution.”

Overview of the Kansai Electric Power Group Academy
Opening of the Kansai Electric Power Group Academy

On July 1, 2018, we opened the Kansai Electric Power Group Academy with our president acting also as the school president. In the Academy, in addition to the idea of “valuing people,” which we have been putting into practice until now, we also incorporate the company belief that “cultivating human resources is the most important thing for coming out on top in a severe competitive environment.” We have prepared a variety of trainings and education systems, and we are supporting the independent career creation of employees so they can each design careers according to their individual readiness.

Four personal cultivation systems of the Kansai Electric Power Group Academy
Organization and operation of the Kansai Electric Power Group Academy

The Kansai Electric Power Group Academy is organized into four educational departments with our company president as its president. The heads and deputy heads of each department are executives appointed from related divisions and have responsibility for the growth of our employees.

e-challenge system

We will implement an “e-challenge system” as an in-house open system that allows people to take on the challenges of diverse career fields. We promote opportunities that enable employees to succeed and grow even more in a wide range of fields, and we support the independent career development of each individual so that they can exercise their abilities to their maximum extents based on high levels of motivation.

Overview of our training and education systems

Diversity promotion
Efforts to promote diversity
Kansai Electric Power’s diversity goals

We established an exclusive organization in 2011 intended for all employees with the goal of raising awareness and promoting behavioral changes in order to promote the advantages of individual differences as one of our strengths. We are promoting initiatives such as workplace training and the periodic release of information intended to forge the power of the individual as an organizational strength. In addition, we established the Kansai Electric Power Group Diversity Promotion Policy in December 2015, and we are making efforts with the promotion of diversity as one of our management strategy.

Initiatives to encourage the further success of female employees

In addition to encouraging continuous contributions to the organization by developing abilities and growing independently through work, we are striving to make environments where people can continue to work enthusiastically even when their lifestages change. Moreover, our company supports and has signed the Women’s Empowerment Principles, which were created by UN Women and the United Nations Global Compact. We received the “Kurumin” certification in accordance with the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children and the highest “Eruboshi” certification (third level) in accordance with the Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace. In addition, we were recognized as a “Leading company for female activity in Osaka City,” and received the fiscal 2015 Mayor’s Commendation For Excellence Award.

Initiatives to encourage the further success of female employees
Appointments to
managerial positions
By the end of FY 2020, the ratio of females in managerial positions shall be double that of FY 2013.
Recruitment Achieve ratios of 40% for women employed in office jobs and 10% for women in employed in technical jobs.

In addition, the following contents are posted on PDF so please have a look.

  • Respect for human rights
  • Unified promotion of workstyle innovation, health and productivity management

4.Respect for Human Rights and Development of Favorable Work Environment by Taking Advantage of Diversity