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Efforts Based on Our CSR Action Principal

Status overview of our business activities and environmental load (FY 2017)

  • Note 1: This table contains non-consolidated figures for Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc. only.
  • Note 2: Totals may not sum due to rounding.
  • Note 3: Thermal power generation figures do not includebiomass power generation.
  • *1 Includes amounts of power for inside power plants
  • *2 Includes CO2 originating from electricity purchased from other electric power companies
  • *3 Emissions taking carbon credits into account
  • *4 CO2 conversion
  • *5 Net generation (generated amount – reduced amount)
Eco Action: Kansai Electric Power Group Company Concrete Action Plans
Item FY 2016 results* FY 2017 Evaluation (Reasons for increase/reduction)
Targets Results*
Reducing office electricity consumption 60.5 GWh Reduce as much as possible 62.1 GWh
(2.7% increase)
At every company, we made efforts to conserve energy in offices, but the total amount used grew over the previous fiscal year due to office expansion, increased operation of factories and equipment, growth of work volume and other factors.
Reducing office water consumption 248,400m3 Reduce as much as possible 246,400千m3
(0.8% reduction)
Even though some companies had increased usage due to greater use for melting snow in the winter, for example, we were able to reduce the amount of use from the previous fiscal year thanks to efforts at every company to conserve water in offices.
Improving fuel efficiency of company vehicles 9.26 km/L Increase as much as possible 9.38 km/L
(1.4% increase)
Our fuel efficiency improved compared to the previous fiscal year because each company has strictly enforced the practices of “eco” driving and stopping the engine when idling, as well as adopted vehicles with high fuel economy, for example.
Reducing printer paper consumption 902.6 t Reduce as much as possible 867.8 t
(3.9% reduction)
Even though some companies used more because their work volume increased, the amount decreased compared to the previous fiscal year as a result of thorough efforts at each company, including the use of double-sided copies and other paper reduction efforts.

* The calculation of results covers 42 companies in FY 2016 and FY 2017. Parentheses ( ) show comparisons with the previous fiscal year.

Eco Action (annual targets and results)

  • *1 Amount of CO2 emissions per unit of electricity use (sales)
  • *2 This value is provisional. Based on the Act on Promotion of Global Warming Countermeasures and other factors, the actual value of the CO2 emission factor will be officially announced by the country.
  • *3 Kurobegawa No. 2 Hydropower Plant 1 (500 kW, began operation in May)
  • *4 Added from fiscal 2018 plan
  • *5 Rajamandala Hydroelectric Power Project in Indonesia (47 MW), Nam Ngiep 1 Hydropower Project in Laos (291 MW)
  • *6 Wind power generation project in Ireland (178 MW)
  • *7 Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership
  • *8 Number of high-voltage transformers, condensers and other electrical equipment that were subcontracted to the Japan Environmental Storage & Safety Corporation (JESCO).

In addition, the following contents are posted on PDF so please have a look.

  • Kansai Electric Power Group Environmental Action Policy
  • Initiatives contributing to the realization of a low-carbon society
  • Initiatives contributing to the realization of a recycling-oriented society
  • Promotion of environmental protection in local communities
  • Promoting environmental management and environmental communication

2.Proactive Approach with a View to Creating Ever Better Environment

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