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Efforts Based on Our CSR Action Principal

Promoting compliance activities with the entire group
Promoting compliance activities

In our corporate group, the Office of General Administration (legal), acting as our compliance headquarters, oversees compliance promotion for the entire group with guidance from the Compliance Committee, which is chaired by our company president.
   All divisions in our company and all of our group companies are promoting compliance independently, with their individual “compliance promotion plans” established by themselves according to the characteristics of their own businesses and work duties, utilizing the PDCA cycles under the leadership of their division heads, company presidents and others.

Compliance Hotline

The Compliance Hotline established by our company receives consultations when people have doubts related to compliance about their workplaces or work tasks, including various types of legal violations and improper work conduct at its workplace. This hotline is available not only to employees of our group companies but also to our contractors. This system enables us to collect a wider range of risk information. We are working to create an improved environment offering a more approachable service that can accept anonymous consultations and that allocates female consultants, for example. In addition, the Hotline provides compliance consultations to resolve problems after investigating the facts, if necessary.
   No serious violations have been confirmed from consultations with the Compliance Hotline.

Information security initiatives

We believe that one duty of our company is to steadily advance information security efforts to ensure the safe and stable supply of power and to protect the customer information that we possess. While further strengthening countermeasures against cyber attacks, which have been growing in threat in recent years, we will continue promoting information security management based on PDCA cycles.

Information security promotion system for the entire group

In our corporate information security promotion system, we have a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and deploy Information Security Managers to promote efforts in each workplace.
   In addition, our group companies are undertaking independent efforts based on the Kansai Electric Power Group Information Security Guidelines, which are the information security guidelines for the entire group. With this and other guidance and support from our company, we are raising the security level of the entire group.

In addition, details are posted in PDF, so please have a look.

6.Strict Enforcement of Compliance