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Efforts Based on Our CSR Action Principal

Efforts for regional stimulation

As the energy needs of customers and society at large have become increasingly diverse, Kansai Electric Power has been carefully monitoring trends to determine exact requirements. We seek to support regional revival and invigorate local economies with the goal of working with them as a valued partner to create the new future we envision.

Contributing to the emergence of Smart Communities

We are advancing a variety of proposals according to the issues and needs faced by communities by maximizing the use of local characteristics and resources, including renewable energy sources, unused energy, and hydrogen. For this purpose, we are also utilizing our abundant knowledge and expertise as a comprehensive energy supply business for the realization of smart communities that optimize energy supply and demand for entire regions using ICT to connect residences, offices, factories and other locations. We are expanding the range of these activities beyond the Kansai region where we are active as expected to other locations, including Yokohama in Kanagawa Prefecture.
   Furthermore, we have been advancing virtual power plant demonstrations and making efforts toward the building of new business models for energy utilization through the handling of next-generation technologies and cooperation with a variety of stakeholders.

Community development activities in urban areas of Osaka

Our company is contributing to community development in central Osaka and other locations with both hard and soft measures. One such effort is in Nakanoshima, Osaka where our Head Office is located.
   Seeking to further develop and invigorate Nakanoshima, 28 companies (as of the end of June 2018), including the land-owning businesses in the district, are members of the Round Table on the Future of Nakanoshima, with our company functioning as the secretariat. Together we are working toward the realization of the “Nakanoshima urban renewal concept.” Seeking to develop a community that is safe, secure and strong against disasters, this organization is undertaking efforts to increase community disaster resistance, including the creation of a disaster action manual and the holding of disaster prevention courses.
   Moreover, we are working actively on efforts to bring the World Expo to Osaka in 2025 and to provide opportunities to enhance bidding activities, contributing to the development of local communities. For example, we have illuminated the top of our head office building with the five colors of the World Expo bid logo.

Enterprise investment support activities

Seeking the sustained development of communities, we are cooperating with local governments and related locations and undertaking enterprise investment support activities in the Kansai region. For businesses from elsewhere in Japan that are looking for new places to locate, we introduce the industrial locations and local government incentive systems in the Kansai region through “Community Information,” which is a magazine with information about the community. Another way that we are working to advance the Kansai region is by visiting businesses to make relevant proposals.

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  • Maintaining an ongoing community dialogue

3.Proactive Contributions to Development of Local Communities