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A Guide To Electricity

If the electricity suddenly goes off, what should you do?

If the electricity suddenly goes off, what should you do?

Don’t panic. First check the breakers.
When using electricity, there is a reason why the power suddenly goes off. In this situation, stay calm and check the breakers.

In case of power failure in only one room......

1 Check to see if one of the safety breakers is off.

3 Switch on the safety breaker to restore the electricity.

2 Turn off the appliances in use in the room where the electricity has gone off and disconnect plugs from the sockets to reduce the number in use.

The main cause is overuse of electricity.

If electricity in the entire house goes off and the main breaker is on, it is possible that electricity is not being supplied to the house. Contact your local Kansai Electric office.

In case of power failure in the entire house......

1 If the main breaker switch is at the middle position, push the yellow (or white) button, then turn off the main breaker and all other safety  breaker switches.

3 If the main breaker moves to the middle position after switching on a specific safety breaker, that indicates the leaking circuit.

4 As the leaking circuit cannot be used, leave the safety breaker turned off. All the other circuits can be used once the breakers are turned on.

2 Turn on the main breaker, and then turn on the switches of the safety breakers one by one.

If a natural disaster such as typhoon or earthquake occurs......

For safety reasons, turn off the main breaker.