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A Guide To Electricity

If the electricity suddenly goes out, please follow the below instruction.

If the electricity suddenly goes off, what should you do?

Don’t panic. First check the breakers.

Power outage in a part of your home
  1. Make sure that the problem circuit breaker is off. (downwards)

  2. Turn off and unplug the appliances from the socket used in the room.

  3. Turn on the safety breaker to restore the electricity.

  4. Beware of electricity over use

    Power outage often occurs when several electrical appliances are being used at simultaneously with the existence of electrical overload in one socket due to the numerous uses.

Power outage in your entire home
  1. If the breaker is at the middle position, push the yellow (or white) button, then turn off the main breaker and all other safety breakers.

  2. Turn on the main breaker, and then turn on the switches of the safety breakers one by one.

  3. If the breaker shifts to the middle position after switching on one of the safety breaker, that indicates the leaking circuit.

  4. As the above leaking circuit cannot be used. Keep the safety breaker turned off. All the other circuits can be used once the breakers get turned off.

    Consult with an technician about inspection of the circuits.

    ※If you have a power outage in the entire home and the main breaker is on. Please contact our call center : 0800-777-3081.

In case of a natural disaster such as typhoon and earthquake.

Turn off the main breaker for safety reasons.

  • Turn off electrical appliances and unplug them from the socket.

  • When evacuate, don’t forget to turn off the main breaker to avoid any electrical accidents.

  • If you have any appliances which was soaked in or covered by water during a natural disaster, please don’t use them until a technician inspects them because they can be dangerous.

  • Don’t use electricity, when you smell gas.

  • When you stay away from home for a long time, we would advise you turn off the main breaker.

During a natural disaster, you may have a difficulty in contacting our call center due to the influx of telephone calls. We would apologize for your inconvenience.

We restore electricity by following the below steps in case of power outage.
  1. Investigate and verify the damage
  2. Take security and safeguard measures
  3. ①Restore electric poles

  4. ②Restore middle voltage lines

  5. ③Restore pole transformers

  6. ④Restore service drop wires

We make every efforts to restore power in a steady way to minimize our power outage customers.