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Research & Development Information

The Kansai Electric Power Company has aimed to deliver a secure and stable supply of the electricity with low environmental impact under the relatively stable business environment. R&D Center has been contributing to the aim mainly in the contents described at the Research & Development Policy.

However, we have to increase the competitiveness of the company in the full-scale liberalization of electricity industry in Japan which is currently in progress. Therefore, we are making a strong effort to build a collaborative relationship with external researchers in order to develop excellent and unrivaled technologies which are made by fusion of various kinds of techniques in a bird's-eye viewpoint.

We are showing our study seeds and human resources, and we will add the information gradually. The information will trigger various collaborative investigations and workshops and they will lead up to mutual benefit.

Especially´╝îwe have set up the project team (innovation committee) to start examination about some themes to accelerate our activities. We welcome your useful reporting about them.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for initiating collaborative research. We will strive for establishing a good study environment with freedom and open-mindedness, where sincere researchers can exert their knowledge and skills highly.

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INNOVATION committee : project team in R&D Center