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Supplier Registration Procedure

1.Introduction of Products for Trade

If you wish to do business with us, firstly please contact the Sourcing and Procurement Division of Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc. Then please introduce your products that you believe may be of interest to us by referring to your company profile, product catalog, technical data and so forth. In doing so, please describe your products with a focus on safety, quality/technological capabilities, environmental awareness, appropriate pricing, strict observance of delivery dates, stable supply and your after-sales service system.

Based on the submitted reference documents, we will conduct preliminary checks of your company’s business conditions and the products that you believe may be of interest to us.

At that time, we may ask you to submit additional documents, product samples and others as necessary.

You will be notified as to the results of these checks either verbally or in writing. If good results are forthcoming, we will inform you about the registration procedure.

2.Approval Procedure

Supplier Registration System

In order to achieve a safe, low-cost and high-quality electricity supply, it is necessary to procure items with excellent safety, quality and price at the right time. For this reason, we have adopted a system for procurement transactions under which companies that excel in business management and technologies are registered for each item in advance. Requests for quotations are issued to suppliers selected from among these registered companies.

Prior to the actual transaction, companies wishing to do business with us are required to undergo an examination of their business status, technological capabilities, production systems, quality control systems, after-sales service systems, etc. in relation to the products they believe we may be interested in. Only companies that pass these examinations become registered suppliers.

(1) Application for registration

If you wish to register, please submit the following documents to the Sourcing and Procurement Division. Applications are accepted at any time.

Documents required for registration application:

  • Transaction application form (form specified by the Company)
  • Documents related to business condition (form specified by the Company)
  • Copy of corporate registration
  • Tax payment certificate
  • Statement and pledge of not being an antisocial organization (form specified by the Company)
  • ISO certification, quality assurance plan and other documents indicating quality control status (You will be informed separately as to details of required documents to be submitted.)
  • Report on efforts being made in response to “Requests to Our Business Partners” (our CSR questionnaire) (form specified by the Company)
  • Other (Additional materials may be requested if necessary.)
    The Company-specified forms are distributed by the Sourcing and Procurement.
    Prepare the registration application documents in Japanese or English. Please note that submitted application documents will not be returned regardless of the screening results.

(2) Registration screening

Based on the documents submitted, we will comprehensively examine the applicant in terms of their business scale, business status, technological capabilities, production systems, quality control systems, after-sales service systems, etc.

As a result of these examinations, only companies recognized as eligible will be registered as a registered supplier of the item in the application. You will be notified of the results of the examinations either verbally or in writing.

(3) Other

Confidential information obtained by the Company during the registration procedure will be kept strictly confidential.

3.Supplier Registration Procedural Flow

Supplier Registration Procedural Flow

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