Kansai Electric Power -power with heart-


Main Items Procured

The Purchasing Department is responsible for the procurement of the following items. The Office of Purchasing, located at the head office, releases its´ annual procurement plans at the beginning of every fiscal year. However, these plans only reveal our main purchasing items.

Note:Kansai EP does not purchase parts and materials that compose the following items.

Hydro power plantsHydro power plants

Waterwheels Generators Instrumentation & control equipment
Water gates Penstocks other related equipment

Fossil-fired power plantsFossil-fired power plants

Boilers and ancillary equipment Turbines, Generators and related equipment Gas turbines and related equipment
Measurement & control instruments LNG facilities Electric precipitators
Flue gas desulfurization systems Selective catalytic Nox reduction systems Air preheaters
Circulating water pipes Sea water screen Water treatment facilities
Oil tanks Diesel power generators Cranes
other related equipment

Nuclear power plantsNuclear power plants

Reactor Vessels & auxiliary system Turbines & Generators and related system Instrumentation & control equipment
Circulation water pipes Trash screen Water treatment fascilities
Waste disposal system Cranes Radiation monitoring system
other related system

Control and communication equipmentControl and communication equipment

Protective equipment Telecontrol Cable line carrier transmission equipment
Communication line other related equipment  

Medical instrumentsMedical instruments

Diagnostic X-ray systems Computed tomography systems ND YAG laser
Miscellaneous equipment for diagnosis, photography, measurement and treating patients

General materials and equipmentGeneral materials and equipment

Computers Office automation equipment Uninterruptible power system
Testing & measuring equipment Fixtures etc.
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