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Restarting Commercial Operation of Mihama Nuclear Power Plant Unit 3

We deeply regret the grave accident at Mihama Nuclear Power Plant Unit 3 on August 9, 2004, which took the lives of five persons and caused severe injury to six others. We express our deepest condolences to the deceased and the bereaved families, and our sincere apologies to those who were injured and their families.

With a firm determination to never repeat such an accident, we have taken measures throughout the company to ensure the steady implementation of recurrence prevention measures and to reestablish a safety culture, adhering to my declaration: "Ensuring safety is my mission and the company's mission." Such measures include the reinforcement of the in-house piping management system, relocation of our Nuclear Power Division to Fukui Prefecture and more active communication with contractors and subcontractors.

In March 2006, the national government recognized our efforts by stating, "recurrence prevention measures are being implemented at the company's initiative." In May 2006, the Fukui prefectural government and Mihama municipal government gave us consent to restart the plant. Following this consent, we verified the integrity of components, started up the reactor in January this year, passed the national government's inspection on February 7 and resumed commercial operation of the plant.

We will take maximum care to maintain safe and stable operation with utmost priority, as we seek to regain public trust. All executives and employees are fully committed to safety and will never forget the lessons learned from the accident. Under my leadership we will steadily take recurrence prevention measures while continually improving such measures. We will build an excellent safety record with each and every effort we make.

Shosuke Mori
The Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc.

February 7, 2007

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