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Efforts Based on Our CSR Action Principal

Enhancing communication with stakeholderss
Public hearing and public relations activities

Through public hearing and public relations activities, Kansai Electric Power engages in appropriate information disclosure to stakeholders—including customers and community residents— in order to promote public understanding of the company's operations. We also share public opinions and requests with management and employees and work to secure the trust of stakeholders by reflecting this input in our business operations.
Kansai Electric Power takes advantage of many opportunities toengage in face-to-face communication with stakeholders. We give serious consideration to our stakeholders' opinions and requests and obligingly disclose accurate information. In this way we are working to strengthen our relationship of trust with stakeholders while earning public understanding of our operations.

Reflecting community opinions in our business activities

Employees in our various business locations create opportunitiesto visit our customers in their homes in addition to holding meetings for exchanging opinions with local experts and opinion leaders to hear their comments and requests. We then strive to reflect these views in our business operations.
We also pursue a variety of activities to gauge public opinion, both in the course of our daily work and through opportunities created to promote interaction with local residents. Opinions received through such initiatives are listed in our Danbo-no-Koe database. These are then shared throughout the company to improve our operations.
In addition, interest on the part of local governments and residents in energy-related issues has increased since the Great East Japan Earthquake, and we are working to respond rapidly to these expectations and requests so that we can share local energy issues with communities and identify the best measures to take.

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5.Highly Transparent and Open Business Activities