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Efforts Based on Our CSR Action Principal

Efforts for regional stimulation

As the energy needs of customers and society at large have become increasingly diverse, Kansai Electric Power has been carefully monitoring trends to determine exact requirements. We seek to support regional revival and invigorate local economies with the goal of working with them as a valued partner to create the new future we envision.

Contributing to the emergence of Smart Communities 1

Our company participates in efforts pursued by local governments and other citizens of local regions to realize smart communities that seek to make the energy use of entire regions more efficient and incorporate renewable energy sources, for example. As a comprehensive energy supply business, we are utilizing the knowledge that we have accumulated over the years to conduct a variety efforts, which are not limited to the Kansai region, to actualize these ideas.

We have realized the area-wide use of energy in the southern part of Expo Commemoration Park in Suita City, which utilizes solar power generation and storage batteries, and the use of water recovered from sewage both as a heat source and as a water resource in the Teppo-cho district of Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture. Furthermore, we have been advancing efforts toward the building of new business models with advanced energy utilization through next-generation technological measures, including virtual power plant and negawatt transaction demonstration experiments.

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  • Proactive Contributions to Development of Local Communities

3.Proactive Contributions to Development of Local Communities