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Research & Development Information

Our intellectual property is the fruit of our research & development efforts; this creative activity is one of our most important resources. Clearly, enhancing our corporate value by strategically employing this property is becoming increasingly important.
Kansai Electric Power is actively working toward the practical application of technical innovations through research & development. We aim to improve the competitiveness of the entire KEPCO Group by producing high-quality intellectual assets that contribute to the creation of customer value. In turn, this will enable us to enhance our standing in the market.

We have developed proprietary technologies that include electric power system controls, a new “smart meter” gauge system, CO2 sequestration and recovery technologies, and power semiconductors. Furthermore, with enhancing the added value that our products and services offer, we take steps to protect our technology by building a patent portfolio. And we emphasize the acquisition of trademarks to protect our corporate brands.

We utilize our intellectual property in our group businesses, and we are open to negotiating with those wishing to license our technology.

Number of patent appllcatlons (Japan)

Number of patent appllcatlons (Japan)